Waveform Playlist

Multitrack Web Audio Editor and Player

  • Minimal Editor

    One audio file with combined channel waveform visual and basic cursor selection for start.

  • Load Track With Selection

    Pass a start time and end time in seconds to pre select an area on a track.

  • Individual Track State

    Vocals track can not be shifted in time, only the Drums track.

  • Stem Tracks

    Multitrack scheduling allows to layer audio for simultaneous playback. Mute, solo, or set different volume levels for each audio track that makes up the composition. Control the master volume of the mix.

  • Track Fades

    Set fade in and fade out.

  • Working With Local Files

    Drag one or many audio files into the bottom container!

  • Track Zoom Configuration

    Set an array of zoom levels in samples per pixel. Multiple canvas elements are used to avoid maximum dimension limits.

  • Record An Audio Track

    Record a track in MediaRecorder enabled browsers. Allows recording over tracks, shows real-time recording progress.

  • Waveform Editor with seek style set to fill

    Initialization property 'seekStyle' set to 'fill'.

  • Stem Tracks with exclusive solo

    Mute or exclusive solo the different tracks that make up the composition.

  • Stereo Channel Editor

    One audio file with stereo channel waveform visualization.

  • Playlist Annotations

    Annotate the playlist with timed text segments. Annotations will scroll and highlight during playback. Drag the annotation's boundries in the UI to adjust time points. Enhance the annotation editing process with custom user defined functionality. Optionally edit live the annotation text using contenteditable.

  • Stereo Panner

    Top audio file uses full stereo left pan, bottom audio file uses full stereo right pan.

  • Bars

    Render the waveform in "bars".

  • Tone.js Effects + Custom Webaudio Graphs

    Add effects to each track or analyse the master output. Frequency bar graph code adapted from MDN.

  • Full Waveform Editor

    Every control and state available.